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10 Garage Door Repairs You Should Never DIY

As a South Florida homeowner, you likely know firsthand how critical it is to keep your garage door in good working order. A well-constructed, properly insulated door that is kept in proper working order will protect your family, lower your energy bills, and increase your home's resale value. Below are some straightforward garage door repairs that most people can tackle on their own along with ten repairs that should only be performed by an experienced specialist with the proper tools.

1) Repairing or replacing the springs

Years of wear and tear can cause your torsion springs and extension springs to malfunction. If worn springs are not properly handled by a trained technician, they can snap violently and cause injury to your eyes or face. Signs of spring damage include noisy operation, doors that close too fast, and doors that open at an angle.

2) Replacing cracked or rusted cables

Replacing garage door cables is dangerous because they cannot be replaced without first releasing the tension in your garage door springs and then unhooking them. As discussed above, attempting to replace garage door springs on your own can lead to severe injury or damage to property in your garage. 

3) Fixing a door that has gone off track

A garage door that has gone off track poses multiple dangers to nearby people and pets. In addition to the door no longer being operational, there is now a heightened risk that the door could completely detach and fall on you, your family members, your vehicles, or your pets. A garage door specialist with expertise in garage track repairs can typically provide the emergency service that you need to safely operate your door again.  

4) Any repairs that involve a ladder

Falls are the top cause of deaths that occur at home, accounting for 6,000 deaths every year. One of the best ways to prevent fall-related injuries is to avoid trying to undertake garage door repairs that require the use of a ladder. For instance, you should not attempt to examine, repair, or replace overhead tracks, as this may require you to navigate a ladder and attempt to make repairs over a hard concrete floor. Replacing cables and springs also typically require the use of a ladder, highlighting the need to seek help for those tasks. 

5) Detaching or replacing door restraints

When an untrained novice attempts to detach garage door restraints, the risk of your garage door falling skyrockets. And with some of today's contemporary garage doors weighing over 400 pounds, you can imagine the consequences of an unrestrained garage door falling on you, a loved one, or a pet. Even if nearby people and pets are not injured during a garage door fall, your garage floor could sustain serious damage that is costly to repair.  

6) Restoring a water damaged door

South Florida is prone to heavy rains and flooding - both of which can cause extensive damage to your garage door. Common types of damage caused by flooding include warping, rotting, discoloration, and mold growth. Even worse, your garage door could absorb contaminated water, leading to serious health risks to everyone in your household. Only a trained garage door repair company or water damage specialist should attempt to diagnose or repair a water damaged door. And if your door has been damaged beyond repair, a new one will need to be installed.

7) Repairing electrical failures or shorts

Doors that are damaged by lightning or a power surge can become dangerous to operate due to damaged circuitry and wiring. Attempting to repair this type of damage on your own can result in additional damage or could cause a fire or burns on your body. Garage doors are vulnerable to power surges or lightning strikes because many of them lack surge protection.

8) Enlarging or expanding an existing door

Some homeowners mistakenly think that it is easy to make their existing garage door or opening taller or wider. And while a seasoned professional can often complete this project within a single day or two, expanding an existing garage door requires proper tools and precision. An innocent mistake or calculation could lead to costly structural damage and a garage door that is a ticking time bomb for future problems. 

9) Deinstalling a garage door

Removing an existing garage door is a process that requires the care, tools, and precision of a skilled expert. Failure to exercise extreme caution can result in injury or bodily strain. Additionally, a specialist will be able to outline any environmentally-friendly recycling options or dispose of your old door in accordance with any applicable federal or local laws. 

10) Complete door replacement or installation

Installing a new garage door is a task that is best undertaken by a trained professional for multiple reasons. First, you may need to deinstall an old door prior to replacing or installing a new one. As previously discussed, this is a task that should be handled by a skilled specialist. Second, attempting to lift a cumbersome garage door and attach it properly to your tracks is extremely challenging. And finally, only a trained professional will know how to thoroughly test a newly installed garage door to verify that it is safe. 

What is the single best step to take if your garage door is malfunctioning?

As outlined above, there are some garage door repairs that should always be handled by a skilled professional. If your garage door is not working properly, the single best step to take is to contact the garage door repair experts with United Garage Door Solutions. In addition to specializing in the types of repairs listed above, we can deinstall your old or damaged garage door and replace it with a modern, high-impact garage door that complies with relevant building codes.

As South Florida's most trusted provider of garage door repair and installation, our team of licensed and trained technicians have the tools and experience needed to safely evaluate your garage door to determine the nature of the problem. We will then complete all necessary repairs safely and professionally. We invite you to contact us to discover why homeowners across South Florida trust us to repair their garage doors. We look forward to illustrating our quality of product and service to you!   

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