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Keyless Entry

Keyless entries are the next step in developing a garage door with style and grace. No longer will you have to worry about busted sensors or manually to turn it on with your keys, our keyless entry will have your door up and moving at the press of a button.

The Benefits of Having Keyless Entry

There are many benefits to having keyless entry installed on your garage door. These reasons include not needing keys anymore, gaining remote access, and having increased security for you and your family.

No More Keys! – The easiest and most impressive step is no more needing keys. Most people have to get out and lock up their garage doors when they are ready to leave for the day; but, with a simple press of a few buttons you can lock up and set the alarm for your home easily.

Remote Access – having keyless entry means that you can access your garage door in more ways than one. While most people are used to having remotes for their garage doors already, it's not a surprise that there are some keyless entry locks that can be sealed and locked from your smart phone. The future is now.

Increased Security – Conventional locks are easy to unlock, unfortunately. Most people have the rudimentary knowledge of how to pick a lock and any mal-intentioned person could simply destroy a lock if you are out on your own. However, with keyless entry, there is a security system built in that can detect when intruders are coming in uninvited.