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Sensors need routine maintenance and if not they will require repair and replacement. If you don't want to invest in a new sensor, you can go back to the old days of manually rolling the doors up yourselves, or you can live a little.

Our Sensor Services

Repair – We provide high-quality sensor repairs. Having a broken sensor can be anything from the key itself to the door itself. Regardless of where the problem is stemming, thorough testing will need to be done. When we are working on repairing the sensor, it can be anything from a dusty bulb to a short circuit.

Replacement – If there is nothing that can be done for the little sensor then we will have to replace it. Luckily, we receive great vendor discounts and can get you the best pricing on the cutting edge sensors of tomorrow! Just call us and let us know what sensor you would like.

Installation – After we receive the replacement sensor from our vendor, we can begin to work. We first set up the internal sensor and test it thoroughly to make sure it works with your door, then we distribute the keys. We start off with two by default, but if you want more or less, just ask! We would love to make it happen.